Network Design and Cabling

Get high-quality, secure, and expertly designed network and cabling for your office move or renovation project

We provide professional network design and cabling installation for companies of all sizes

Bespoke LA provides network and data cabling design and remediation services for a wide range of business environments, from office spaces to industrial complexes. Our well-designed network infrastructures ensure powerful connectivity and uninterrupted communication within and outside your location.
Whether it’s a wired or wireless network, our team of network and cabling engineers can optimize your network infrastructure for increased speeds and better productivity for your employees. Because you’re working with seasoned professionals, you can guarantee neatly installed and properly labeled equipment and wires, and you can say goodbye to downtimes and on-site accidents caused by messy cabling. Book an initial consultation with our team today.

Why choose Bespoke LA’s Network Design and Cabling?

Years of experience in network design
Our network and cabling engineers have many years of experience in simple and complex projects
Pre-qualified vendors
We partner with leading vendors to ensure high-quality products and great warranties at the best price
Flexible to your future needs
We create a network infrastructure design that can accommodate your future business needs

What’s included in our
Network Design and Cabling Services:

Design & Installation​

An initial consultation will provide us with information on your business environment, current network infrastructure, and roadblocks. From this stage, we’ll work closely with you to design a tailor-made network architecture with a list of hardware, software, and services you might need before it’s professionally installed and configured by our engineers.

Monitoring & Maintenance

We offer a variety of network support solutions and we can customize them according to your needs and budget. Our periodic inspections and regular monitoring guarantee peak performance and proactively detects any issues before they cause problems.

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Managed IT Services​
Whether your employees are tech novices or well experienced, we can provide just the right level of support to solve your IT challenges.
Protect your business data, network, and users with advanced anti-malware and threat detection tools.
IT Consulting
Get tailored, expert guidance for the best IT solutions and strategy to efficiently grow your business.

Save money with easy-to-use, internet-based phone systems that offer greatly expanded functionalities.