Protect your data from looming threats with advanced surveillance, security, and backup solutions

We keep you one step ahead of cybercriminals with Advanced Security Solutions

The shift to remote working environments and changes in data protection laws introduce new security challenges for many business owners. You want to guarantee that every user device is continuously protected from hackers and that company data is shared and stored securely, and in accordance with the latest compliances laws.
Bespoke LA is a recognized Managed Security Services Provider. We specialize in enterprise-grade network security services, data privacy, and compliance management for companies that handle sensitive or large volumes of data such as legal offices, architecture, engineering and construction firms, and retail stores.

Why choose Bespoke LA’s Cybersecurity Services?

Enterprise-grade protection

Keep your business safe with intrusion prevention systems, web content filtering, patch management, managed firewalls, and more.

Stop cyberthreats in real time

We can keep an eye on your security alerts and respond in real time to threats. A 24/7 Security Operations Center is also available.

Industry Leading Tools

We’ve spent years finding the right set of Cybersecurity tools that find the sweet spot between keeping your business secure and your IT costs manageable.

What’s included in our Cybersecurity Services:

Microsoft Intune​

Microsoft Intune is a cloud-based mobile device management (MDM) tool that lets you manage your company’s devices such as workstations, laptops, and mobile devices. It allows better control of company applications and resources by setting user access levels for your employees.

Managed Endpoint Security​

Protect end-user devices from sophisticated malware attacks and data breaches before they infiltrate your network. Managed Endpoint Security continuously monitors and remediates threats faster than traditional antiviruses.

Phishing Protection​

Phishing is a social engineering attack where cybercriminals pose as a trusted entity to steal your sensitive information. Our Phishing Protection automatically identifies and reports malicious messages and attachments to prevent phishing attacks on your employees.

Additional Best in Class Features

Privileged Access Management (PAM), Secure Password Management, DNS Based Malware Filtering, 24/7 Security Operation Center

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Managed IT Services​
Whether your employees are tech novices or well experienced, we can provide just the right level of support to solve your IT challenges.
IT Consulting
Get tailored, expert guidance for the best IT solutions and strategy to efficiently grow your business.
Network Design and Cabling
We specialize in designing and installing network systems for office relocations and remodeling.

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