IT Consulting

Access technology expertise and solutions that enable your teams to work remotely, improve profitability, and more

We plan and implement IT projects on time and on budget

Bespoke LA’s IT consultants provide the expert guidance you need to get your technology projects done right on time and within budget. Whether you want to move your organization to the cloud to enable an efficient mobile working environment, implement internet-based communication platforms, or upgrade outdated and expensive network systems, we can help. We’ll start by performing a thorough assessment of your challenges, needs, and goals. Then we’ll create a detailed action plan, implement it, and provide ongoing support to ensure everything works seamlessly and you’re able to make the most out of your IT investment.
Leverage our experience in helping businesses become future-ready and contact us to discuss your needs.

Why choose Bespoke LA’s IT Consulting?

Stay competitive
Empower your workforce by implementing new tools that help them perform better at their roles
Drive business growth
Adopt new technologies that help you diversify your services or expand into new audiences
Proven IT expertise
Work with IT professionals with highly specialized skills to plan and implement your initiatives

What’s included in our IT Consulting:

Cloud Migration​

Improve performance and business efficiency by moving your company data, resources, and applications to the cloud. Our experts will walk you through the types of cloud systems, as well as the benefits and disadvantages of each. And when you’re ready, we’ll ensure a smooth and seamless cloud migration while reducing the time and risks involved.

BYOD Policies​

Set up governing rules for employee-owned devices such as tablets and mobile phones when they access your organization’s network or open work-related files. BYOD policies are proven to positively affect employee productivity, and Bespoke LA can help you launch a BYOD program without compromising your company data.

Office Relocations​

Whether you’re moving to a bigger office or simply renovating, we can carefully move your equipment while minimizing the risk of data loss and hardware damage. Our Office Relocation projects involve planning and design, proper inventory and backups, moving, and successful reconnection of your technology. We test your IT systems to make sure that everything is working well in your brand-new office.

Explore all our IT services:

Managed IT Services​
Whether your employees are tech novices or well experienced, we can provide just the right level of support to solve your IT challenges.
Protect your business data, network, and users with advanced anti-malware and threat detection tools.
Network Design and Cabling
We specialize in designing and installing network systems for office relocations and remodeling.

Save money with easy-to-use, internet-based phone systems that offer greatly expanded functionalities.