Remove Local Administrator Rights Without Driving Users Crazy!

One of the biggest security risks for your organization is that your users may be running with Local Admin privileges on their computers. We can Remove Local Administrator Rights Without Driving Users Crazy!

What that means in plain English, is that they can change all the setting and run and install any program on their computers.

Or your users may not have this ability and they must ask IT or a manager who has the password every time they need to install a program or change a setting.

Either way this is not a great setup.

If your users are admins, they have too much power, even if they are conscientious, if they accidentally run malware on their system, it automatically has the full power to fully compromise the computer.

If they are not admins, it can be a hassle to get some things done.

We have a solution to both problems.

We install a program on your computers that elevates the request for admin to your IT department instantly, I’ll show you what that looks like right now…

I’m going to run this installer which requires admin access.

First it asks you if this is really what you meant to do. Once you agree, it puts up a 1-minute timer while your IT team reviews the request.

When the request is approved, it lets you know, and you can run what you needed to run.

It’s really that easy.

You no longer must worry that you and your staff are running the wrong thing by accident.

And the great part is that it gives your IT team better intelligence then they would normally have.

When you make the request, your IT team sees that your computer is current on antivirus, system updates, and system restore ability.

It also scans the executable that you are running against 65 antivirus engines.

This is better for the user and the IT Team! It’s time for you to remove local administrator rights today!

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